1 - Use a specific towel for your hair
Usually we shower, dry our body with the towel and use it to dry our hair. This is not wrong, but the towel will already be damp after drying the body and it will not dry the hair so well.

So it is ideal that you use two towels, one for the body and one for the hair, so the hair will be very dry and ready to absorb as much water as possible from the strands.

2 - Opt for microfiber towels
You can use any type of towel to dry your hair, the type of fabric does not interfere with the health of your hair.

But a microfiber towel has a greater ability to absorb water, meaning it will be able to get more moisture out of your hair at once.

So if you can, use microfiber towels for your hair, this will speed up drying.

3 - Remove as much water as possible from the threads with the towel
The wetter the hair is, the longer the dryer will need to dry the hair completely. This in addition to taking longer, damages the hair more because the hair will stay longer in contact with excessive heat from the dryer.

So get as much water out of the hair as possible with the towel, so they will be dry beforehand and you will be able to dry them faster with the dryer.

But always remember to never twist your hair in the towel as this breaks the strands and increases frizz.

The correct way to dry your hair is to lightly squeeze the towel against the strands.

4 - Let the hair dry last when getting ready
You showered, washed your hair and now you will get ready to go out.

Before you dry your hair, do your makeup and leave the clothes you will wear separately, leaving the hair last.

When you use the dryer, your hair will be drier and the total drying process will be much faster!

5 - Use thermal protectors
The thermal protectors are not only to protect the wires from the heat of the dryer. They also help speed drying time, making the yarn dry faster.

Hair is protected, hydrated and saves your time!

And you don't have to spend a lot on a thermal protector, I've shown here on the blog several options that cost less than $ 25.00 .

6 - Choose a good dryer
The more powerful the dryer, the shorter the drying time.

Dryers with 1800watts of power or more are best for this purpose. Those with ceramic, ion or tourmaline technology are even better.

And there are several dryers with all these qualities that do not cost the eye of the face. Just search!


7 - Use the dryer from top to bottom, from root to tip
A lot of people have a habit of drying their hair by blowing the blow dryer from the bottom up, but that's wrong.

The correct way is to leave the dryer on top of your head and throw the jet from top to bottom so that water is pushed down and leaves the wire faster.

In addition to drying faster, this decreases frizz and leaves hair with less volume.

8 - Choose brushes with ceramic body
If you often brush your hair, try using the best hot air brush. It helps dry your hair faster, prevents strands from burning in contact with metal and makes your hair even smoother and more straight.